Course For Beginners

- Consists of 9 classes
- The duration of one class is 2-3 hours
- Saturday classes two in a row - 4-5 hours (time flies fast) with a break for tea with buns
- Practice from the first lesson!

Course For Intermediates

This is a logical continuation of learning photography. It consists of 10 classes for 2-3 hours, with a tea break.

Course For Advanced Level

After completing this course, you will not only learn how to shoot well, you will become a completely independent photographer. And upon successful completion, the employment in our school of photography is possible. Consists of 12 classes for 2-3 hours,

Photoshop Classes

- The duration of the 1st lesson is 2-2:30 hours without a break but sometimes classes take a little longer.
- Photoshop is shown on a large screen for recording (projector).
- The whole material is sent to the mail in parts, in which everything that was done is described in detail.
- Classes take place once a week, on Fridays.
- There are only 8 classes, but this is more than enough for a powerful push in the direction of correct, high-quality and quick processing.
- The number of students is up to ten.

What Will You Be Able To Do After Our Classes?

- Skillfully use and quickly configure your camera, consciously controlling the shooting process, rather than relying on the "auto" mode
- Choose the right angle and composition in the frame
- Shoot real “live” portraits
- Give depth and artistry to pictures
- See the light and control the light
- Shoot in all weather and lighting conditions
- Take emotional pictures while traveling and at events
- Work correctly with the model
- Pick up lenses and other photo equipment
- Process photos in Adobe Photoshop
- Work with constant, natural and pulsed light


Lillie Cowden

a founder of Arrakmitr Photo School

Hi there, my name is Lillie Cowden and I am a founder of Arrakmitr Photo School. It was opened in 2016 with a purpose to involve people in photography shooting masterpiece. I'm like the job we do here, our students become professionals after they complete the full course. Why are we the best? We treat students as a member of the family because we have the same interests, the same views, the same hobby. Our team is very friendly and we are waiting for you to start your education with us. Get into photography and become a pro!

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